Thursday, November 20, 2014


November 20th, 2014 was my official due date, but instead Bentley came 3 weeks early and I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

Even though Bentley came early, I'm glad he did. He is the most perfect blessing and I'm so glad to be his mom.

These past 3 weeks have been crazy, stressful, busy, tiring, and full of ups and downs, but it's all been so worth it. Yes, I've already had plenty days where I just sit and cry or where I feel like I just want to give up. I thought I knew what I was getting myself into, especially coming from a big family and being around kids my whole life, but boy was I wrong. At times, I feel like I'm not the best mom for Bentley or I'm doing it all wrong. No one told me it was going to be so hard. I barely get any sleep anymore, I probably shower only twice a week now and I'm still trying to be a good wife. But every thing works out the way it's suppose to and Bentley was sent here to be part of my family and I was meant to be his mom. Even though I feel like I'm screwing up every day, I know I'm doing at least something right. I love being a mom, it's one of the greatest things in the world. 

I love Bentley and Trevor more than anything in this world. I don't know how I got so lucky to call them mine. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bentley Jess Simpson

I know I promised that my next blog post would be about our first house and there would be lots of pictures, but....... I think my baby boy is a lot better!

Tuesday the 28th, I was sleeping and woke up to go to the bathroom. Well, I went to the bathroom, but than all of a sudden I had water coming out! My water broke at 11:15 that night and Trevor was at work. I was thinking, "oh no! Bentley's coming early!" So, I called my doctor and she said to go straight to labor and delivery. Getting a hold of Trevor was the hard part. He doesn't get service up at the dam and I didn't know how to get a hold of him, so I called my mother in law. I let her know my water broke and she called the dam and had them give Trevor the message. Well, by the time Trevor got home to me it was 12:40. We quickly threw a bag together of stuff for us and headed to Spokane. I was feeling just fine, except for all the fluids still coming out. 

We are two hours away from our hospital and the drive didn't seem that long. I wasn't hurting at all and not really feeling any contractions and Trevor was hungry, so we made a pit stop at McDonald's on the way to the hospital. We arrived at Labor & Delivery and they had a room waiting for us. My nurse Jen checked to see if it was my water that had broken and it was so we were getting all checked in and waiting to see what the next couple of days would bring us. They got me hooked up on an IV, because I was dehydrated and needed fluids in me. By the time we were settled in it was almost 4:00 am Wednesday morning. 

Wednesday was a very long day. I slept most of the day. My doctor kept coming in to see how much dilated I was. I had to get some medicine to help make my contractions feel more and more intense. I was dilated at a 2 when I got to the hospital and was still at a 2 when I woke up. When I got the medicine to help my contractions, I went up to a 4, but stayed at a 4 for a good few hours. I wanted my epidural right away because I didn't want to wait to be in pain than get it. As the day went on I was dilating so slow, and I just slept for hours. 

By 9:00 that night, I was finally at a 6. They kept upping my medicine and they were determined to have my baby boy out before midnight. My contractions kept getting worse and worse and I was wondering why I could feel them when I had my epidural. My doctor checked my cervix to see if I was finally ready to push, and I was and the time was 11:40. I pushed for about 20 minutes and after my last push, my baby boy was finally here. 

Bentley Jess Simpson
Born on October 30, 2014. 12:01 A.M.
7 lbs, 1 oz and 19 inches long. 

24 hours of labor was definitely worth it.

He came 3 weeks early, but I am so glad. He's the most perfect baby and he's already so spoiled. We are already so in love with him and he's daddy's little buddy and mama's little boy. 

Everyone says he looks like me, but I just can't see it! He is literally a blessing from Heavenly Father. I'm so glad to be a mom and I'm glad Bentley is apart of our family. 

He's perfect in every way and we are so glad to finally be parents!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Birthday, Getaways, and Bentley

I had my 22nd birthday last week! It was an alright birthday. Haha can't complain too much! Even though I'm only 22, I seriously feel so old. Trevor and I didn't really do much on my birthday, it's hard because he works the night shift. So before he left work on my birthday, he said that we'll be celebrating my birthday all week! 

Which leads us to our little getaway! We went to Spokane, did some shopping and stayed in the nicest hotel either of us have ever stayed in. 4 star hotel! It was so much fun and we definitely needed it. We ordered room service and just relaxed all night long. It was so nice, especially since our baby boy will be here soon! Trevor sure spoiled me, even if it was a late birthday present. I sure love him and am grateful for all he does for us! 

That's me at 35 and 36 weeks! Time is flying by so fast, it's crazy. We had our weekly appointment today and my doctor checked my cervix, more like she was stripping my membrane! Gosh, it hurt so bad. Anyways, our baby boy will be here a lot sooner than we thought! I'm dilated at a 2. It sucks our hospital is 2 hours away! That's what we get for living in the butt crack of narnia! We're hoping he'll stay in there for a little bit longer. Either way, we're getting quite excited for him to get here. 

***Also, I promise next blog post will be of our house and pictures! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014


I'm not one to get into a debate. I hate arguing. Everyone has their own opinions. But if you're trying to convince me of something that isn't true, than I will argue back. 

On Facebook, one of my friends shared an article going around. A billboard ad in Times Square went up and it's campaign is designed to normalize porn. I honestly think it's disgusting and it should be taken down. After she shared it, one of her friends (who I was getting very angry with) started debating that Porn is normal/good and EVERYONE watches it, including Mormons.

After he said that, I was already past angry, I was furious. First off, not EVERYONE watches porn. Maybe in his life/world that he comes from, but he's definitely wrong there. Second, yes there are some LDS people who have lost their way and somehow get into porn, but they find their way back to Christ. They know it's wrong and they work on getting better. Porn is a very serious thing and it kills relationships.

This debate about porn went on for a good thirty minutes. This guy made a comment and it went a long the lines of this, "So if you catch your husband watching porn, what are you going to do? Freak out at him? It's normal, he's a guy. Everyone watches porn." After that comment was made, you best believe that I went off on him. My husband Trevor HAS NEVER EVER WATCHED PORN BEFORE. I'll set that straight right now. He then decided to comment, "Are you sure? After all, he is a guy." Excuse me!!! Oh, I am way beyond furious. I am 100% sure that my husband has never watched porn. So what if he's a guy, that doesn't mean a darn thing. 

Porn doesn't just affect guys, it affects girls too. People may think it's normal/good from the way they were raised, but I was raised differently. Porn is a dangerous thing and kills relationships. If you are addicted to porn and want a way out, there's people out there who can help you. Get that help. I don't know from experience, but I've seen people go through it. You're not alone.

Just remember #PornKillsLove. Spread the word. Fight the new drug. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Latest Updates & October

These past couple of weeks have been quite busy! Couple things have changed and more things will be changing real soon. 

Trevor just had his 22nd birthday this past weekend! He's definitely feelin 22. First thing he did when he woke up was blast Taylor Swift's 22 song. Haha it was great. He had to work at night, but we just relaxed until he went to work and than the next day was an all Trevor day. We went shopping for things he wanted for his birthday (which he only got a shirt for work) and went out to eat and his little brother Mason tagged along. 

We were talking about how last year for his birthday was completely different from this year! Last year we were living in Provo, only been married a couple weeks, he had to work a morning and night shift at his job and his mom sent us some money so we could go to Olive Garden. My how things have changed just this past year. It's crazy! 

Trevor got switched to night shift up at the dam, which he likes because that means he can sleep in and do whatever he wants until he has to leave to work. He's such a hardworking husband and will do anything for our little family. He said he had a good birthday, which hopefully he really did. 22 never looked so good! 

Baby bump! I take a weekly bump picture  every week on Thursday, because that's when I start a new week of pregnancy. Those pictures are me at 30, 31, and 32 weeks pregnant. My time sure has flown by! I seriously can't believe my baby boy will be here NEXT MONTH. Ah!!!!! I can't wait. It'll be a new adventure, but I'm quite excited for it!

Also, kidney stones suck! Two weekends ago I was in the hospital AGAIN. I've only had kidney stones since being pregnant and it was my 4th time having them. We ended up having to stay the night and I passed the stones. It's so nice knowing that my baby boy is doing good and is still growing and is healthy as can be. Next time I go to the hospital it better to be deliver my baby!

We also finally have our doctor situation figured out up here, it took a long time and it was mostly my fault. My new doctors clinic and doctor are so amazing and we love the hospital we'll be delivering at. 

I've had this really strong feeling that I need to go back to school and finish. I am so excited to say I will be starting Spring semester of next year at SLCC! It's all online, but it gives me a chance to be a mom/wife still. I can't wait! After talking about it with Trevor and knowing what his opinion is and praying to know whether or not to go back, I finally got my answer. 

OCTOBER IS HERE!!!!! October is my absolute most favorite month out of the whole year. Ok, I really like December too, but October is my favorite. Why you ask. Well, it's my birthday month! Shoot whoot! I'll be feelin 22 soon. Also, it's fall! My favorite season ever, plus colder weather. Which means, leggings, boots, jackets/hoodies, scarves and all the fun cute fall clothing you can think of. It's also the beginning of the holiday season! And last but not least, only another month until my baby boy is here! 

Oh by the way...........................
WE FINALLY FOUND A HOUSE TO LIVE IN!!!!!! Yay!!!! No more RV trailer park for us. My mother in law was so kind to let us borrow her trailer until we found a place and we finally found a cute little 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. We are so excited! 

Next blog post will be about our first real home with lots of pictures so stay tuned! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

1 Year Down!

September 10, 2013 I married my best friend Trevor Simpson down at the Spanish Fork courthouse. Marrying him was one of the best decisions I've made in my life so far.

We made it through our first year of marriage! It's been a long road coming for us and we've over come some of the hardest trials that have been thrown our way. A lot has happened in this first year, but it's all been worth it. I can't wait to finally be sealed to him this December. Happy anniversary Trev! I love you! Bring on year 2!